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‘Prometheus’ Trailer 2

Every once in awhile I find a movie I am super jazzed about. This time it’s Prometheus. Not only is it one of my favorite directors, Ridley Scott, but it’s full of actors I love and it looks awesome. Plus, there isn’t much said about it. I get that it’s about a group of people who go off to find some kind of civilization that has been hinted at all over Earth via old cultures. They arrive and obviously find that things are not as they seem based on the hieroglyphs found on Earth.

There is clearly some Alien mythology up in here. I obsessed over the lastest trailer for your pleasure (mostly mine) and here are some screen shots along with some commentary.

Those lines be movin' on him/it.

Okay...ever think they might want you to find them for bad reasons? Or that whoever made this is warning you? No? Alrighty then.

That looks like a LOT of facehugger pods!

Fassbender seems concerned at what he's seeing down there.

So does he...

So does her...

Is he wincing? Smiling? Crying? And what is wiggling around?

Gooey, glowing slime on your fingers is always good news.

The fuck is that?

That's a motherf'in alien, bitch!

I want whatever program made this.

She looks a bit upset about something...

At some point Fassbender had that green thing (previously blue) in his hands. Now the Space Jockey has it...hmmm...

What's goin' on here?

Who, or what, is getting the firing squad?

What's here? Looks like Noomi. Looks sort-of like a facehugger. It's coming out of the persons midsection and blood/something is getting sprayed everywhere.

Watch the preceding frames and watch the lines grow on his face.

Now she looks injured...

SPACE JOCKEY! We know what happens to one of him via Alien.

The previous shots show the guy in front yelling and shooting and Fassbender reaching out to the guy on the rear left. My guess, he gets gut-busted.

My thought exactly.

They never show who this person is as it attacks these people. It's too small to be the jockey, so my guess is it is whoever jumps off the vehicle onto the other guy.

I love this trailer and really dig the sound design. It’ll be a happy birthday to me come June!

‘Prometheus’ Teaser/Trailer 1

Who else has been waiting for this trailer? I can’t be the only one, what with the internet being filled with losers like me who have some kind of weird attraction to television shows and films. The kind of attraction that makes you excited for trailer releases about a movie that doesn’t come out for 6 more months…anyway…here’s what is shown in this brand-spanking new trailer released just today:

Something is wrong with my TV!

– It’s a little disconcerting to hear someone stating, “You don’t understand. I was wrong. I was so wrong. I’m so sorry” over the production credits…wrong about what? I want to know!

Just gonna land on this planet. Nothing can go wrong here!

– Look they found a planet! I bet nothing bad will happen. Especially after the clip we just heard of the woman saying she was sorry.

Lovely vista. Let's land and then go for a ski on that mountain.

– They’re landing. The planet looks cold and foreboding. Again…nothing bad shall happen.

The fuck you need a flamethrower for?

– Hmmm…why would one need a flamethrower? Are they testing it? Everyone seems to be really relaxed and crap, so why blast that shit?

Headin' on out!

– Headin’ on out to the cave. Oh, good, we found a cave. Let’s go inside.

Look at the weird pods and giant head. That's normal.

There they are again! And someone looks confused.

– You know it’s a good sign when we see people come across some kind of giant statue of a head surrounded by weird pods. and judging by that girls face, she feels the same way.

Fassbender seems intrigued...

– Yeah, approach the pods.

This is why we don't poke at the pods.

– When we poke at the pods, something flies out and into, at least it appears to fly into, your mask and you get to scream. And scream you do.

Wait, wait, wait...what's this?

– The hell is that on the scanning table? It looks like some kind of alien head. It looks like the head of the space jockey which appeared briefly, dead, in the original Alien film. Iiiiinteresting.

Shiny red orbs!

– Shiny red orbs flying in the sky and someone bends down to looks at something on the ground. Something dead? Probably.

What'cha got there?

– It’s also a good idea to poke at whatever the hell it is you are pulling out of the canister. Although I do like the Fassbender, I fear he might be in for it with all the poking and prodding at something green, slimy and with what appears to be a spine. Awesome.

What are you running from, Charlize?

That looks intense.

– Things look bad here. You’ve got two guys screaming and firing at whatever is off screen to the right while three other people are in the lift behind them, one of which looks like shit.

She looks worried.

...and he looks even worse.

– Both those people look like they are quite frightened. That second guy looks in serious pain. Probably from poking at pods and egg sacks and shit.

That woman looks like she could use a shower...or a band-aid.

– Ummm…I’m not sure if I should be more worried that this woman is covered in blood and collapsing to the floor or that the people in the room as she’s collapsing seem to have no reaction other than, “Huh…” One guy is in a wheelchair and looks half-dead and the other two look blasé about the whole situation. Which is stranger?


– I bet that isn’t supposed to happen. Looks cool though.

Daddy Mack'll make you, JUMP JUMP!

– Things are looking hairy. Someone is really trying to get something working, or fixed, or something down there at the bottom while some dude, who looks seriously f’d in the head area, jumps on down on top of them.

Space Jockey seat...rise!

– What have we here? The Space Jockey seat-thing from Alien? and who is that over on the right? Is that a space jockey, or whatever the hell they are?

And now someone is flying away!

– Noomi Rapace (Shaw) looks like she’s getting the bad end of a dust storm.

It'll all fall.

– I don’t know what this thing is. Is it the thing in the sky that explodes? Or the thing that starts barreling over them in the end of the trailer? Or the thing the Space Jockey takes off in? What the hell is it?

So, there you have it. The teaser trailer for ‘Prometheus. I for one, can not wait until June to see what this is all about. And it better be rated ‘R’.