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‘The Num-8-ers Station’

Guns! Explosions! Num8ers!

Guns! Explosions! Num8ers!

I haven’t even watched the trailer yet, so let me guess what The Num-8-ers Station is all about based solely on the poster and the stupid name. John Cusack holds a gun up to his face. The gun appears to be held by tiny little dis-embodied hands as he peers around a corner with a look of annoyance at the explosion happening in the distance. Why are you so annoyed, tiny-handed Cusack? It’s clear that he means to shoot-to-kill that explosion! Malin Åkerman also stands by something, a tree maybe, with a look of boredom. Also, half her face has been too Photoshopped and she looks weird because of it. She clearly isn’t planning to shoot any explosions on account of her not having tiny hands holding her gun to her face. If you notice, there are also numbers, or num8ers, floating around the bottom left of the poster. What does this mean? Did the numbers cause the explosion? Are these the same entities that Cusack wants to shoot with his gun-laden tiny, dis-embodied hands? Is the tagline supposed to be all wobbly? Is that something that was done on purpose? Did the num8ers, or the explosion caused by the num8ers, cause the wobbly look of the lett8rs? Will we ever know why the num8ers caused the explosion that caused the code to be compromised? I suppose we’ll find out come April 26th when this marvel of cinematic artistry comes out in all it’s blue & orange glory!

Now I’ll actually watch the trailer and see how accurate I was about the num8ers causing explosions that tiny-handed Cusack must stop!

Yep, looks about as stupid as I thought. Although they did use not only the orange and blue but also the lesser used, but equally complimentary, color schemes of red and green! There’s no end to what the num8ers will go to get a list of men killed that will make the “world a different place when you wake up” if it goes out.

Damn num8ers!


What do I say? I hate blue and orange and I dislike Tom Cruise in real life (sorry Tom, you’re kinda weird), but I do enjoy his movies. I actually think this looks really good, even if it turns out all I like is the cinematography, which might happen. I’m also a sucker for post-apocalyptic wastelands and whatever, so I’ll watch this, no doubt.

We basically all know the story that will play out in this movie: Aliens came and humans won, but they all evacuated and a man stays on Earth to clean it up while his lady-partner is in space. In time, they will finish their mission, leave and join the others in space or wherever they went until he meets other humans left on Earth who tell him the company he works for lied and it’s all a sham. Then he fights against them and his own demons and saves the planet. Also, Morgan Freeman is here.

Desaturated? CHECK!

Blue and Orange? CHECK!

Dramatic, Over-the-top, Lisa Gerrard-like music? CHICKITY-CHECK!


‘Splosions? You bet there’s a CHECK!

Can we please, for the love of Pete, stop using this same color-correction look? Is there NO way to make a movie look any other way? I get the pleasing nature of blue and orange as a contrasty thing, but it’s so over-used!

I guess the movie seems alright enough, if you dig seeing 4000 different versions of Superman over and over and over again, usually, like all the other super-hero things nowadays, within a 10 year or less time span. I do not, but whatever!

Here’s the trailer in all its blue and orange, orange and blue, recycled-story glory!

‘Battleship’ Trailer 3


Ok…it’s Transformers meets District 9. Aliens in giant robots that smash the entire everything mixed with aliens in robotic suits that are mis-understood by the humans…but they aren’t really mis-understood because they are playing a giant real-life game of Battleship. We’ll call it: BATTLESHIP.

And then someone greenlit this.

I’ve been making fun of this movie for months, and I don’t plan to stop because it’s awful. This coming from someone who absolutely loves Alexander Skarsgård but I just can’t help but not want to set foot in the theatre for this. I swear when I saw this trailer today I heard the line, “Light ’em up with all we’ve got,” because in my head I heard this line, “Light ’em up with all the orange and blue we’ve got!” Clearly, someone listened.

Here’s an interview with Skarsård, just because he’s pretty.