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Can I get a “HOT DAMN!”? Seriously, throw out a good, hearty hot damn for some nude-y Hiddleston. That ought to make a sour day turn sweet, and if it doesn’t you must be blind or dead.

In all seriousness, I really can’t wait to see this movie. I’m digging the production design and it looks like it has some good cinematography. I almost got too excited to see that a woman shot the film until I looked up Laurie Rose and discovered, nope, got a dick. Oh well!

If you are unfamiliar, High Rise is about Robert Laing, a doctor who moves into a high-level floor in a high rise building where the floor you live on apparently dictates your class. Shit starts to go down and Jeremy Irons is probably the bad guy. Either way, Tom Hiddleston is mostly naked and at one point is covered in blue paint. He may or may not be naked at that point, but either way, I’m sure we can all stand to watch it. Peep the trailer below!



Have you been dying for a movie that melds both the style of Blair Witch with the budget of more than Blair Witch that also includes ZOMBIES?! Because there is this thing now. You really don’t need any information to tell you what is going on or will go on in this movie, the title says it all. There was a pandemic (we can assume the world over, but it’s probably just L.A.) and now people are hanging from cranes (ok) and some rag-tag group of United Colors of Benetton have come together to find the survivors and bring.them.home!

Of course, it isn’t that simple. There is screaming, yelling, shooting, dying, night vision, weird monsters with long skinny legs that were probably people before, Missi Pyle; oh so many things in this pandemic zombie world to get through to find those survivors. There will also be sequels.

This is not related to movies, it is related to cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies (besides the diabetic and gluten-intolerant)? Anyway, Panera Bread has these heart-shaped cookies right now that are heart-shaped, for one. They are also good, but really sweet. Sweet to the point that I end up with one bite left that I can’t eat because I am pretty sure my pancreas will rise up in protest and walk out of my abdomen.

Anyway, I recommend all but one bite of these cookies. They have them all the time, but right now they are in the shape of a heart for the ever-popular Hallmark Holiday that is upcoming.