What can you say about fall television besides there are some gems and many, many, MANY turds. Manhattan Love Story is one of those turds. I am currently watching this show and couldn’t help myself but write about how terrible it is.

The show opens with a man walking around the streets of Manhattan staring and mentally commenting on every woman’s chest and ass and whether he will do her or not. Classy, really, and not at all every stereotype of every man in every TV show ever. But wait, there’s a female walking stereotype in this mess of a show too. She is walking around commenting on every purse and show she sees, because every woman thinks only of shoes and purses. The show lost me right in this opening segment.

So Susie (I don’t care what her name is and I don’t even remember hearing it) is new to New York, she’s a wide-eyed dreamer who moved across the country to fulfill her dream of working in New York (which, is what every woman dreams of as well, apparently) and she gets a job at an advertising agency (?) or something where the previous higher-level employee just got fired. Naturally everyone hates her so one of the co-workers tells her to take the stairs to save energy. Hilarity doesn’t ensue. She is also a moron in regards to electronics. For example, while on the train she posts the guys name on FB and can’t figure out how to remove it. Later she tries to text the guy in reply to his text and instead calls him, because women can’t work electronics obviously!

What kills me is that the characters aren’t interesting at all and have no chemistry. I don’t care if they are going to get together, whether she is accepted at work, whether her bucket list (which she shows the guy on their date) is completed. I think it should just be cancelled. Thanks!