Well, it’s Halloween time again and you know what that means! Bad “horror” movies, specifically bad “fake documentary” horror movies a-la Paranormal Activity and all that other shit just like that series. This time we are treated to ‘The Houses October Built’, a droll turd of a horror film about a group of film-makers out to find the scariest haunted house.

I’m not sure how the plot flows in the real movie opposed to how it plays out in the trailer, probably equally awful. The trailer makes it look like they find some little girl wearing a mask who then comes on the bus and starts moan-screaming at them and THEN they get an invitation to a party out in the bayou. Then someone with the camera stumbles down an alley and gets attacked by more people in similar masks, which we see when, of course, the camera drops to the ground. At one point we are also treated to a bunch of bodies from the neck down in headlights, presumably more of these masked people that are, if not zombies, then mutated hill-folk because really, what other option is there for them? They are in the Louisiana bayou, therefore it must be mutated, not hill folk, but swamp folk.

I understand that there isn’t much thought put into these movies as the common idiot will spend their money on bad horror films no matter what is going on, but maybe the common idiot needs to stop spending their money on these movies so they stop making them. This is any different than The Hills Have Eyes or any other movie except it’s in Louisiana and people are wearing masks. They’ve mined all the bad horror movies and put various aspects yet combined into this…