Hello moviemaker/SFX/cinematographer wood!

I just saw this on my TV while watching some crap TV and my interest was immediately piqued! Hot damn!

Basically, it’s just Snow White only for some reason Kristen Stewart’s bland-ass was hired to play Snow White. Charlize Theron plays the evil queen who appears to suck the beauty out of people to remain beautiful and Chris Hemsworth is the hot guy¬†huntsman who is sent to find Snow White and bring her to the queen so she can eat her heart, or some shit. Of course, he ends up siding with Snow White.

The important thing is look how awesome it looks! I’m not talking story, I’m talking SFX and cinematography. Look at it!
This crow:


Turns into this many crows:

BLAMO! Bunches of crows. A murder, if you will.

The mirror looks like this:
I mean, come on! The mirror slinked off the wall and turned into this!

This movie is like giant stylistic bliss. If Tarsem Singh hadn’t just directed the last Snow White movie, I’d think this was one of his. YEE-UM!


Bitch wears a cape...

and bitch turns into a murder of fucking crows!

Her little soldiers smash into chunks of coal!


Hmmm...looks like she gets a bit...gummy?