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‘I, Frankenstein’

Oh good, it’s Underworld only with Frankensteins and gargoyles(?). Good to know the producers decided to branch out and take two other monster creatures and make them into ridiculous parodies. Will it spark a round of everything being gargoyles and Frankensteins? Will we soon have Gargoyle U? Frankenstein Academy? Patchwork Gigolo? He Who Burns the Monster? The orange and blue gods say, “GOOD LORD, I HOPE NOT!”

Also, Bill Nighy. Is he playing the same character as in Underworld? Because if he isn’t, someone should tell him he is generally awesome and sadly this is the same character as in Underworld.

All previous names for movie/TV show ideas are mine, Hollywood. I know they sound amazing and all, but MINE!


‘The Last Stand’ trailer

Wow! This looks…awful. Is this a comedy? Or, now I see it’s a drama or Fast & the Furious-y movie? Or wait…back to comedy. What the hell? Make up your mind. Either way, basically some dude gets broken out of jail/transport bus by a giant magnet, because cops are stupid and they’d not notice a giant magnetic bulldozer thing hovering near where they are driving past. That’s seems plausible. Oh, and he’s heading for the border and someone has to help him and there are Koreans in a fancy fast car that will inevitably end up being a giant car ad for whatever car it is; a Corvette, or something? Dumb!

The best part is that Ahnahld is in it. I was being sarcastic, it looks horrible and the fact he’s stumbling through English once again in a movie doesn’t really make it a draw. Also, because it looks like shit. That also makes it not a draw.

Here’s the trailer where you can watch some idiots appear to be in a comedy, then a heist/breakout action/drama film, and Ahnahld jump into the comedy again. WHEEEE!

Here’s another stupid trailer where the movie starts out dramatic and shit!