The flame is the 'i' clever!

The flame is the ‘i’…how clever!

It’s nice to see Lily Taylor in something again, too bad she’s going to be killed by that clapping ghost-thing she “conjured” up in the closet. Oh when will people learn to not go around playing Hide ‘n’ Seek in old farmhouses? You know what’s going to happen, you’re going to conjure up a clapping ghost and that bitch is going to clap in your ears so loudly that you’ll be deaf! Or she’ll push you down the stairs.

This movie was reportedly given “overwhelmingly positive reviews by test audiences” so in an act you rarely see it was moved from the doldrums of movieland (January) and pushed back to July (prime summer season), which either way you look at it isn’t really the time of year for a horror movie, but whatever! It also apparently stars other people besides Lily Taylor, so she either dies in the beginning, which appears based on the music to take place in the 70’s, or they don’t know how to edit the movie into the trailer without giving it all away. Which they kind of already did in this trailer. Not gonna lie, though, I was kind of freaked out by this. I don’t like things in closets or clapping.