“Alright, Guillermo. We like you, you’ve done solid, quality work with both movies in the past. What we need is a movie that has the following: blue and orange, ridiculously stupid robots (you can reference Real Steel, Transformers, Battleship…whatever dumb movie you want), Japan, aliens. Can you make this happen?” – Executive

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…remember Cronos, and Pan’s Labyrinth? Remember how they were good and made you respectable? Forget all that and become…Ratnerized!” – Other Executive.

And for some reason Guillermo, one of my favorite directors, let this movie be made with his name on it. Granted he also produced ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ and even Guy Pearce couldn’t make that movie watchable!

So, enjoy what is a strange mash of Japanese Godzilla-like movie, Transformers, Cloverfield, Real Steel and Battleship. Or don’t enjoy it after realizing what it mashes together.