I thought I’d start off, after a long hiatus, with something really bad. This is a charming horrible romantic comedy drama disaster of a movie called ‘You May Not Kiss the Bride’ and seems to be about many, many things. So many things that I don’t really know how many movies have been ripped off to make this. Count them in the trailer and let me know.

The whole premise is really…stupid. As far as I can guess, Billy somehow pisses off a mob boss, who is Croatian of course, and then he has to marry but not marry the mob guys daughter, in Hawaii. In Hawaii he meets Rob Schneider the supposed comic relief(?) and then the mob daughter get kidnapped (because, why not?) and Billy has to rescue her. Of course, they fall in love in the process.

What’s so bad about this tripe is that not only will people go see it, but they’ll make another movie just like it. Just from the trailer you can tell that the two leads have no chemistry, and if they have no chemistry right from the trailer, what hope does the movie have?