What is the one man missing from almost every promotional piece for this movie? If you said ‘Richard Ayoade’, you are fucking correct! I love him and I was so happy that he was in this movie. I am not happy that he is barely in promotional items and at least gets mentioned in the trailer. People familiar with his brilliant comedy as Dean Learner on Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place or as Maurice Moss on The IT Crowd are thrilled he is in this wide-released film. By “people”, I of course mean me. Probably just me. I don’t care, I love this guy. He makes me laugh my ass off.

As far as ‘The Watch’ goes, it was originally called ‘Neighborhood Watch’ but that was changed after that guy shot that kid a few months back. I don’t know if they just changed the title or more than that, because before all they showed were guys driving in a car and I think throwing a bottle at someone in a hoodie. Hence the change and halting of playing the teaser. So…now people are being killed and they are finding out they are aliens, or something. I don’t really care, it has Ayoade in it. Damn, if his last name isn’t just awesome to say alone!

Here is the trailer and below that some choice Dean Learner!