le Sigh! Every once in awhile Magnet poops out a decent film (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil comes to mind). One that isn’t totally stupid and cheesy. I can’t say this one is one of those hidden gems.

V.H.S. tapes as horror trope? A bunch of people, for some reason I assume is money, go to a house in the middle of nowhere to get a V.H.S. tape. Yes, they go to the middle of nowhere to retrieve a V.H.S. tape. And what’s on that tape? Well, we don’t know, because in this middle-of-nowhere house lies pile upon pile of V.H.S. tapes (something many a user of those tapes knows), none of them are labeled; why would they be? The gang starts watching them and lo-and-behold there are five stories of horror so horrible you’ll be horrified! AIYEEEEEEEE!

The good news is, if you liked [REC], you’ll like V/H/S, because it’s kind of the same thing, fake docu-horror film. I should say, if you liked the U.S. remake of [REC], you’ll probably like this.