Ok…it’s Transformers meets District 9. Aliens in giant robots that smash the entire everything mixed with aliens in robotic suits that are mis-understood by the humans…but they aren’t really mis-understood because they are playing a giant real-life game of Battleship. We’ll call it: BATTLESHIP.

And then someone greenlit this.

I’ve been making fun of this movie for months, and I don’t plan to stop because it’s awful. This coming from someone who absolutely loves Alexander Skarsgård but I just can’t help but not want to set foot in the theatre for this. I swear when I saw this trailer today I heard the line, “Light ’em up with all we’ve got,” because in my head I heard this line, “Light ’em up with all the orange and blue we’ve got!” Clearly, someone listened.

Here’s an interview with Skarsård, just because he’s pretty.