**I’m capping this off with a giant SPOILERS! There will be SPOILERS ahead! If you haven’t watched Season 6 of Doctor Who, or any of Doctor Who, and are planning to, there will be SPOILERS in this post. If you don’t care about spoilers, then read on.**

There are TV shows that are amazing (LOST, Battlestar Galactica [2004 version], Boardwalk Empire) and there are show that just plain suck (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kate vs. 8 [whatever it’s really called, I don’t care], Jersey Shore). So where does Doctor Who fall in my listing, you ask? You probably wonder where I’d stick a show like this. Well, if you know my, you’ll know my love of Sci-Fi, so you can rightly guess that I’d put it under amazing.

What makes a show about a “man” from another planet who travels around in a time machine that looks like a blue Police call box so good? What makes a show that is generally family-friendly (but that can be so scary) so engrossing? Well, it’s partly the acting, which is astounding, but mostly it’s because of the stories. As cheesy as the cheesiest episode gets, it always goes back to the acting and the stories. You care about these characters, usually from the get-go. How hard it must be to create almost totally new characters every episode and to make the audience care about them. And yet, they do it week after week. Plus, they have to create a mythology storyline that runs through the season and the entire series, in some regards (River Song). That makes the show probably the best television series on the air right now.

As a little aside, I was really doubting Matt Smith as the new doctor. I don’t know why, I just really loved David Tennant and didn’t think anyone could take the cake to him. But I was SOOO wrong. Matt Smith is so charming, adorable and funny as the Doctor and you know what, bow ties are cool!

Part of the lure of the show is also the monsters, aliens and creatures that crawl in the darkness and in the corner of your eye. Those things you can’t quite see, but you know are there. This show is full of them. So, because I am now super-addicted to the show, I have decided to make periodical entries covering some of my favorite things on the show. First up: The scariest of the scaries. These will be things from the last 6.25 seasons. I have not finished all of the first half of season 6, so I am only going by the things that literally frightened me into not sleeping with the light off. I’m also only covering those found in the new series, because I’ve never seen the old series.

9. Daleks


Right, so I know the Daleks are the Doctors most feared enemy, but I placed them at the bottom because they really don’t frighten me. I mean, they do, but not visually, at least. Plus, they get kind of annoying.

Basically, they are mutated, former-humanoid aliens that have tentacles and have to live inside the giant mechanical casings that are portrayed in the show. They hate anything not Dalek and fought the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War for the sake of all creation. After the war, all that was left was the destruction of Gallifrey (The Doctor’s home world), two Time Lords and a handful of Daleks. Here’s a link to read about the war, , if you are a giant nerd like me.

They are frightening, at least enough to be on my list, because they keep showing the fuck up. The Doctor thinks they’re gone, but they always come back. Most recently the Daleks fart back in time to WWII and create some new Daleks using pure Dalek DNA, so now we have a race of new, brightly colored super-Daleks.