8. The Ood

The Circle Must Be Broken

Ah, the Ood. They are a particularly strange case for this list. On the one hand, they can be quite terrifying and on the other, they totally aren’t…kind of. What the hell does that mean? Let me tell you!

The Ood are a race of humanoid aliens that don’t “speak”, they communicate via telepathy using a little ball attached to a cord that runs to the rear of their brains. They originally had a hive mind but humans (of course) removed the hive mind and gave them the orbs so they could communicate while being enslaved. WHEE! On one episode we find the Ood being controlled by some kind of creature called the Beast which takes over them psychically and controls them. At another point we visit Ood Operations base and find a bunch of Ood suffering from some kind of red-eyed disease that turns some rabid and such. Turns out the Ood Brain that they were severed from had been telepathically communicating with the Ood and the rabidness and red-eyed experiences were a result of that subconsiousness grabbing control over the Ood once again. In a funny, and disturbing, incident the Ood servant for the man in charge of Ood Operations has been poisoning him by what he thinks is a hair tonic but is really some kind of Ood consciousness suspended in liquid. As such, the man turns into a damn Ood. Into.a.damn.Ood!

Okay, so I added them to this list because of the several times they have been used for evil or by evil or caused to become evil due to the fact that they can be controlled. Controlled even by their own hive brain which caused them to become angry, revengeful or patient to the point of poisoning their captor and turning him into one of them as punishment. To me, that is scary, plus they kind of look scary, but they are low on the list because they are, in essence, NOT evil.