I Don't Know What is Going On In the American Version of This Trailer!

What the fuck? Who edited this trailer? Reading the description I see it’s about a doctor whose wife is horribly burned in a crash and I assume dies, and he wants to create some kind of miracle skin that would have saved her. After many years, he develops it and needs a guinea pig, so he either uses some woman who has looked after him since he was born (I assume the elderly blond?) or some dark-haired chick who dances in a leotard in a museum while some dude licks the computer screen. Because that’s what the trailer shows.

Also, at some point some dude gets hosed down and strapped to the same table? Also, Banderas gets his ass kicked by the chick with a mask on, which I assume is the same woman whose image is being licked by the guy in the museum. Oh, and we all have guns! Look at all the guns we have and put in things and take out of things, like drawers and purses! And then some girl walks down a dark path and magically arrives at a store where she looks at the dress she’s wanted since she was a small child. I made that last part up because this trailer looks ridiculous. I’m sure this is just a bad Americanized trailer, but come on!