Torture Porn

“Pappa! Can we keep da woman?”

Oh yay, ANOTHER torture porn movie! This time around we’ve left the cabin-in-the-woods/crazy-abused-weirdo scenario behind for the crazy-family/crazy-wife-abuser/crazy-rape-o scenario. It’s about time the dumbest genre evolves.

I am, of course, being completely sarcastic as I can’t stand these movies. I am also not a prude, but a movie about a pervert, wife-beating abuser out hunting and then finding a “feral” woman that he then captures and brings back to his home to string up in the basement/garage to rape and abuse, and to allow his family to rape and abuse, is not my idea of a good movie date. I’d honestly rather sit through the horrible Twilight “saga” again than watch another dumb movie where people get their fingers bitten off or someone gets raped by a broom handle; call me crazy.