There was once a time when sound was but only a dream in movies…

In stark contrast to the dumb movie I just posted about comes ‘The Artist’. I heard about this movie back in May whilst dining with a friend in L.A. Being an immense fan of Old Hollywood I was intrigued and I can’t say I am any less intrigued after seeing the trailer for the movie.

Set in 1927, this original (especially in this time of remakes of everything from my childhood) tale is about silent movie star George Valentin, a Clark Gable/Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly-type movie star of the silent-film age, whose career is in decline as the age of silent films draws to a close. He meets and falls for a woman who then becomes a big star, presumably in the realm of the “talkies”.

It’s silent and in black and white, which will probably turn most people off, but of which I think gives it a real charm. It’s hard to go to a movie today where it isn’t in Dolby Digital Surround, blasting your ears off and a movie with a great heart-felt story with nothing but music playing and title cards to move you along in the story should be a welcome change.

If you’ve never seen the silent film, Der Letze Mann, I highly recommend it. It has a similar theme, but with wildly different careers.