Holy crap! Comic-Con barfed out a sweet-ass trailer for what’s left to come this season, and all I can say is, “OMGWTFBBQWii!”

Let me run down what super-fun, awesome, cheesy, sexy, stupid, horrifying shit is yet to go happen this season (based solely on what I see in this promo).

– Ok…Sookie is telling Jason that she’s wished for most of her life to be normal, but she knows now there’s no normal. No shit, Sookie, you can freakin’ hear peoples thoughts and the god-damn town is full of all sorts of weirdness.

– Sookie also sounds like she screams, “Eric!” before she blasts someone with her faerie hand-magic.

– Eric and Sookie look to be getting it on, non-dream style.


– Eric tells her, while he has chains wrapped around his neck, that if she can overlook the things that he’s done, he doesn’t want to remember.

– Bill, jealous and also pot calling kettle, bursts in and tells Sooookeh that Eric is a master manipulator and will say and do anything to make her his. Bill, come on! You don’t really get to open your mouth on this one, remember the reason why you were even after ol’ Sook in the first place? Uh-huh.

– Who dat? It looks like Marnie. Eric is eating Marnie?

Who dat?

– Looks like Hoyt is asking Jessica to say what’s going on inside her and it looks like Jason is banging her, in a truck? Or something?

Jessica is out for blood

– Lunas baby daddy is yuck and white trash to the max. Wonder when he’ll get offed? Oh, and he threatens Sam.


– Tara is still a dumbfuck! My god, she’s again becoming this seasons Eggs. She tells her dumb girlfriend that everyone she cares about is dead, or something. And someone attacks girl. Also, looks like at some point Pam gets her looks back as her face isn’t rotted off in this clip.

"Hey guys! My face ain't rotten no more!"

*At this point I’ve run out of interest in screen capturing*

– “Vampires are NOT immmortal” says Marnie as a doofy-as-shit looking Tara stands in the witch circle.

– Bill tells Jessica that “she” wants all vampires to meet the sun. So, either “she” is Tara or the witch possessing Marnie. Either one works.

– Oh, Marnie says that only human spirits are immortal. The witch-ghost is quite a bitch and has a bit of a grudge me thinks. She’s even making a vampire sit and someone is making Jessica walk out into the sun.

– Run-down: Andy is over-doing the V. Bill is chained and crying. Everyone has scared looks on their faces. Marnie is…floating?

– Debbie asks Alcide if he’s in love with her and we see Sookie opening the door to Debbie. I don’t trust that crazy bitch.

– Apparently Tommy has made a fool of Sam for the last time. I doubt it, that kid’s a fucking moron.

– Oops! Looks like Arlene’s house is burstin’ into flames.

– Tara wants to kill Eric? Doesn’t look like Sook is gonna stand for that.

– Eric just wants to be with Sookie, forever. And they’re in bed. Nice.

– Quick montage of everyone getting punched or doing the punching, culminating in Sookie getting shot?