So, J.J. Abrams has a new show coming out this fall. Bad news, it’s on CBS. Good news, it’s J.J. Abrams with a sweet, sweet concept and show and Michael Emerson is all up in there.

From what I gathered, Jim Caviezel (who I both like and find sexy and dislike and feel creeped out by) plays a former member of The Agency (I didn’t catch if what agency was mentioned, exactly) who is now a bearded hobo on the city trains. He’s attacked by some hooligans that he later shoots and stuff, but Michael Emerson hires him to track down people who are going to be involved, in some unknown way, with terrorist attacks. You see, Michael Emerson helped to create a computer or program that scours the people of this great country and adds them to a list. He no longer works for the government but still has access and all he gets is access to their SSN’s. So, Jimmy Boy is hired to track them down and, I’m not sure, watch them? It looks good, but honestly, I’ll watch anything that J.J. Abrams makes or is involved in, even if it’s on CBS.