Remember that movie that came out a few years ago, or less, with Kate Beckinsale? ‘Whiteout’? You remember how it was made to seem like a thriller or horror movie but really was a piece of shit? I mean, a really big piece of flaming shit?

Here’s the trailer:

Looks mostly like crap, but also kind of like maybe it might be interesting? Then, it isn’t.

So, this trailer for the remake of The Thing is kind of like the Kate Beckinsale movie. I know it’s a remake of a classic, but it’s almost exactly like Whiteout, at least in trailer layout, right down to a brown-haired woman as the main protagonist. I bet she’s a scientist too! It’s also set up to look like a mix of Whiteout, The X-Files (violin prickles in the music), The Last Winter and the original The Thing. Whatever the real outcome, I don’t see this as being mid-blowing and instead it’s just going to be another remake of a movie that no one asked for or wanted.