If I wanted to see a bunch of people screech out songs badly in a public forum I would go to the bar down the street. That said, I hate Glee. When the show first started and Fox had a preview several months before it came out during the fall schedule, I thought it was funny, promising and the singing was down to a minimum. Since then, I saw about one episode and 90% of it was the characters screeching out Journey songs and other tunes no one wants to hear yelled into a microphone.

I also can’t stand the show creator trying to batter artists into letting them use their songs on the show. He does all kinds of things like calling them anti-gay and probably worse. Dude, they don’t have to give you permission to use their songs.

Anyway, now we get treated to a feature-length movie of the touring concert. IN 3D! Yes, the concert-as-3D trend is still there. As if Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber weren’t enough, now there’s this.

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube because apparently this movie is so super-secret, so lucrative, so highly sought-after that embedding has been disabled by request everywhere and I don’t care enough about it to work to embed it myself.