“No one has to weaponize the bird flu, the birds are already doing that” Umm…no. It isn’t the birds that are causing the sickness, it’s the bacteria or virus they are carrying that is doing this. So, now that that is clear, let’s marinate on how this movie looked somewhat decent until they pulled out this bird flu thing. It really would have been relevant a few years ago when everyone was over-reacting over the bird flu. Now, it’s just dumb.

Also, wasn’t this already a host of other movies including ‘Outbreak’? Yes, it was. The sad thing is that I’m sure the outcome will be some kind of righteous bullshit about people wiping everything down with anti-bacterial stuff and/or something about global warming. Whatever it will be, it’ll most certainly be righteous.

Here’s the trailer. Watch for the exact moment you realize it’s kind of crappy.