Hallaloojah’s! The fourth season of Torchwood is almost here! I just found out about this via an ad on some other blog.

If you are unfamiliar with Torchwood, well shame on you! You need to get yourself some DVD’s and get to watching. You’ve got until July 8th. But, if you don’t have the time, you just can’t sit and watch one of the best shows and one of the best spin-offs, I’ll let you know what’s the deal on this BBC gem.

Torchwood (an anagram of Doctor Who, the series it’s spun-off from) follows a group tasked with watching a space-time rift that runs through the city of Cardiff. Gwen Cooper becomes the newest member after stumbling into a strange event after someone is murdered. She meets the rest of the Torchwood Cardiff clan which includes the sexy and enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness (Seriously, John Barrowman is SO sexy).

There have previously been three seasons, including the 5-episode season entitled Torchwood: Children of Earth. Torchwood is like the adult-ified version of Doctor Who in that the subject matter is much grittier and less family friendly than Doctor Who.

At the end of Children of Earth, there was little in the way of what was to come as far as another season goes, so imagine my excitement when I see there is to be a new season! This season takes place in Los Angeles, mainly, and follows Torchwoods involvement with the fact that no one died at the same time all across the world. It being Torchwood I am sure that whatever is involved isn’t good. Plus, you get Gwen Cooper and her adorable accent, though I will sadly miss her saying Ianto. But, I am excited to see what happened to Jack and where he went. I’m just excited it’s back.

Now, on to that. Apparently Fox was supposed to show season 4 but thank god this didn’t happen or the show wouldn’t have seen two episodes before being yanked to Friday night and then to no-night. Starz picked up the third arm of the bill with BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Worldwide and it will be shown on a cable channel. There was early chatter that it would be a reboot (something I was NOT happy with) but it was soon announced that they were just moving countries.