It’s a ward of secrets, a ward of mystery, a ward of really attractive young white girls; it’s a ward of some rotten-faced ghost. That’s basically what this movie is about. I needn’t go on, but I shall.

Amber Heard plays a girl brought to “The Ward” after burning down a house, I assume she killed someone; most likely her father/step-father who was abusing her. In “The Ward” lies a bunch of attractive white girls that just sit around in the common room, draw, tell each other to “watch yourself, new girl” and take showers. Jared Harris plays the psychiatrist, I assume and doesn’t believe that there is a ghost “in here”.

The ghost is apparently, according to the trailer’s badly mashed-together lines of dialogue, the last of the girls to get out and I quote, “..but she’s gone now…(different voice) and now she’s going to kill us all…” Honestly? She was one of you, got out and now is going to kill all of you? Why? Why would the ghost of a girl who supposedly escaped come back and kill you all? It’s not like you girls killed her or something. Based solely on what the trailer tells us, this makes no damn sense! I assume that they are seriously trying to market this movie to the “torture porn” audience and that there is very little torture porn in this movie.

I am intrigued by the whole kookoo’s nest setting, but the way the movie is marketed right now, no thanks!