Right, so, last week I had to endure an agonozingly large amount of “OHMYGODREDWINGS!” posts on Facebook. It was, as I said, agonizing. It was SO bad that I had to constantly block said posts from my feed wall because that was all that was posting. That being said, it’s almost my time to annoy everyone on my friends list.

I don’t like sports. I like to play them but, unless they are soccer (or football, as the rest of the world calls it) games, I don’t care. My “sport” is television and movies, if you will. And one of those “sports” is True Blood. Every summer I anticipate the coming 12 weeks of incredible, ridiculous, over-the-top, smutty, bloody, crazy, Swedish-filled awesome-ness that is HBO’s True Blood. I can’t explain how much I love this show; I hate Twilight and pretty much any other vampire show, but this one? Nope…it’s too awesome!

And so, the time draws near to June 26th and the premiere of season 4 of True Blood. Those who have read the books, know what season 4 brings, somewhat. The draw of the show is that, while we know what happens for the most part, the characters that either were never featured that much or died in the books, may still be kicking or more pronounced in the series and I love it! The show without Lafayette? Please!

I’m warning everyone now that every week I do a post-show run-down of the ‘Next on True Blood’ end promo. Usually it’s cheeky and funny and I pick apart what appears to be going on. I also do a brief, possibly spoiler filled review, which I announce as having ****SPOILERS**** at the top and before the spoilers to save myself from being attacked for spoiling the awesome. I tend to do those a few days after because I don’t want to ruin the episode for people who didn’t get to watch the day of.

Now on to today’s business: A couple of trailers were released that show some awesome things that are going to go down this season. As such, I am going to start my True Blood ‘Next on True Blood’ posts with run-downs.

Trailer One:

– ‘The Wait is Almost Over’…hell’s yeah it is! Sookeh, Jason, Beeeeel, Eric, Pam, Lafayette, the rest…
– Wait…why does Bill look like he’s going to a ’30 Seconds To Mars’ concert?
– ‘Is this another dream?’ No, Sookeh, it isn’t. Didn’t you read the book? Like Eric tells you, it isn’t a dream. Damn, that man is hot!
– Now Tara, why you got a gun? Always pointing those damn firearms at people. Bitch be crazy, if you ask me!
– Eric with amnesia, only nuditycraziness can come with that.
– Who’s making a big mistake, Bill? Stop choking that lady!
– People gettin’ tossed into Fangtasia’s dungeon again.
– More Eric? There can’t be enough Eric.
– Topless Alcide? Ok…I’ll take that too.
– There needs to be more Lafayette. There wasn’t enough last season and the Lafayette I got wasn’t good Lafayette. Oh, he’s hanging with witches? Ok…
– Sam has a lady?
– Panthers? I know what that is!
– Sookie punching Eric and giving him some classic Sookeh (for reference, I often call Sookie, Sookeh, or even SOOOOOOOOOOKEH, because that is how Bill says her name and it’s funny) lines. Can’t wait!

Trailer Two:

– Pam telling Sookie that she needs to be somebody’s or she won’t be. As usual with Pam, it’s hard to tell if she’s being snarky or not.
– Sookie asking Eric what he wants from her? And his response it everything? Oh, amnesia…or is it?
– Oh and between those something attacks Sookie, or Betty-Sue as my sister calls her.
– Witches! And they need a body! For what? The casting of Finola Hughes as that head witch, whose name I can’t remember from the books, is wonderful casting.
– 0:18, WTF is that?
– 0:19 Tara beating the shit out of someone? Sounds good to me. Cut to Jason screaming on a bed. Doubt those are related, but I’ll play along for now.
– 0:20-0:22 Sex, blood, violence. Just what makes this show awesome.
– 0:25 That looks like Skarsgård naked chest to me. As he’s one of the main reasons I watch the show, I will allow it. Allowed.

I shall be posting new crap as the promos roll out.